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Deck Rating

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Deck Rating
17 to 28 Year
200 $ to 350 $ Per Month
During the course the student will be updates with the knowledge in deck and department of the ship. Deck officer is as the name suggests is incharge of the Deck of the ship. That particular department is called deck department. The captain or the master of the ship is in charge of the ship. He is not responsible for the navigation of the vessel but also for the discipline on the ship and safety of passengers, crew and the cargo loading discharging also ship maintenance . He must ensure the observance of national and international codes of conduct guiding sea transportation. The captain of the ship is further assisted by first mate, second mate and third mate. They are responsible for the checking all mails and keeping the equipment and chart in good condition and also assist in watches at sea and cargo watches sat port. The candidates also under go to training in the course required under the standard of training certificate and watch keeping stcw2010 convention. After completion training the course certificate will be issued by the academy approved by director general of shipping, ministry of surface and transport govt. of India. In addition to that candidates will be award With CDC (continuous discharge certificate) CDC issue in Liberian/Panama and Belize. A competent person can go to the level of Master of a merchant navy after required sea time and passing various exams.